Is your phone a lazy hipster?

Meet Alan, he’s your phone. Bizarrely genius advertising from Moto X. Alan’s adorably needy.


LibertyAnimus 10 hours ago
This is weirdly amazing. More commercials like this please.
· 38

Skampo1119 1 hour ago

The ginger looks kinda cute aka lazy phone

TaeRecognizer 1 hour ago


shoya72 1 hour ago

why is the fucking comment section filled with no life losers posting bullshit scam ads??? can’t fucking read decent comments thx to all these mofos. YouTube thinks of new ways of making money everyday but they can’t think of a way to block these fuckers


quizlixx 48 minutes ago

Why the hell would you think there would be decent comments on a motorola ad?
· in reply to shoya72

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