Three Life Lessons From The Internet

The internet’s a wonderful thing. Bursting with solid information, sound medical advice and of course, life lessons that we must follow to the T.

this is water 580x435 Three Life Lessons From The Internet

In an average day, there’s plenty to be worrying about: How much is this tuna?
Why is that duck drowning? Where have my pants gone? This and more will leave you in a tizzy before your day ends.


There is a cure to the stresses of daily life. Enter the webatorial. The inspirational, super-cheesy video that makes it all make sense. For about 2 minutes. Then get back to work, dammit.

serenityb has compiled at least SIX MINUTES of inspiration. Watch below! Prepare for momentary Zen…

This Is Water

Pale Blue Dot

And of Course, the old classic – start clapping along everybody:

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