MØ: Search No More! The Most Unsearchable Talent On The Planet…

Despite her rubbish videos, the most un-search-friendly star on the planet, MØ has thrown out some top tunes. Here are our favourite so far…

MØ – Maiden

MØ – Pilgrim

MØ – Glass (Official video)

MØ MØ: Search No More! The Most Unsearchable Talent On The Planet...

MØ made searchable!
Here are MØ’s most important sites:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MOMOMOYOUTH

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Juhlx95 4 weeks ago

lol, no its art.

Fagner Macedo 1 week ago

Her name is the worst for found material!

Organisches 7 months ago

Best thing i´ve heard in ages. So understatement and….stunning. Video fits perfect. 

VooDrix 6 months ago

Kan ikke vente med at hører mere fra dig MØ!

Juhlx95 2 days ago

art is a way of expressing yourself through something creative and this is definitely creative.

ermirajusufi48 3 days ago

God god

NakedCousin82 3 days ago

Go fuck yourself

John Johnson 4 days ago

An artist makes art? Are you really that stupid kid?

XAN1SU 4 days ago

I really like this video but it kind of bugs me when people say things like this is “art”, how is it art?

nirvanist1 4 days ago

lol, it’s not.

1991mychannel 4 days ago

how do you know you weren’t already crazy?

tiaalwaysbad 4 days ago

I love the song but the video is annoying

Henry Olsen 5 days ago

OMFG that damn happy clapping kids make me crazy

MykiMykonos 8 hours ago

Same question here for germany. Same thing here for sea oleena’s samsung song. I want to give away my money, just upload it to amazon.

ehcanopener 1 week ago
DamnDamnDamn! Anyone know where I can buy this in the US?

Cody Henslee 1 week ago

Honestly played this song without telling anyone who it was and everyone assumed it was some Lana Del Rey track haha. Love this girl

Ronnie Slogun 1 week ago

Mø rules. Love your stuff!

TheMchamchamcha 2 weeks ago

Hey mo, would it be possible for you to upload the lyrics to this song? Thanks.

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