Sleigh Bells: Five Essential Facts

The Best Bits of this Brash Brooklyn Band

Sleigh Bells are well known for their brash, speaker bashing and freakishly awesome early single ‘Tell Em’. The band haven’t released much in the last while(Their last single being the breezy END OF THE LINE), but we can expect a re-invigoration soon, with their angriest tune CROWN ON THE GROUND headlining the soundtrack for Emma Watson’s next smash-hit THE BLING RING. So, you’ll want to get to know these kids. here are five essential facts about SLEIGH BELLS…

1. The band is a duo effort from Brooklyn based Derek Edward Miller (guitar) and Alexis Krauss (vocals). Their style of music fits into the unique title of ‘Noise Pop’. And oh boy is it noisy.

2. No, your speakers aren’t broken. The intention of their music is to blast the living shit out of any medium it comes out of.

sleigh bells reign of terror 580x580 Sleigh Bells: Five Essential Facts

3. The duo are no strangers to the media industry. Derek previously played for hardcore rock band Poison The Well. Alexis has a background in theatre and Tv, and once appeared on a Nickelodeon ad, and toured with a pop group called RubyBlue.

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4. They broke out in 2009, with an impressive performance at the 2009 CMJ Festival. The duo signed to M.I.A.’s boutique label N.E.E.T. and released its debut album, Treats, in 2010 to critical acclaim.

5. Their songs are based on ‘personal tragedy’. With sounds like this, they must have had some seriously bad times. Check’em out in the playlists below…

Alexis is a ride.


SLEIGH BELLS PLAYLIST (Click play, then the small ‘playlist’ button on bottom right-hand corner of window to unleash the playlist)

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