You WILL listen to FOALS : HOLY FIRE by the end of this post

Oh, hello there! Come in to our office, take a seat…

Serenityb has had a great idea. We’ve decided to strike a deal with our readers. We want to try to convince you to listen to an album that we like. In 5 points. If by the end of the five points, you are not convinced, then you’re off the hook. Deal? Ok, let’s do it so!


POINT 1: When we first heard about Foals, we were unfortunate enough to hear about their awful single Cassius. A shouting, screeching scourge on the world. And so, we wrote Foals off our Card list for good, forever banished from our playlists…

POINT 2: Ok, we realise point 1 isn’t exactly selling them. Not until point 2. Point 2 happened when one of our colleges in work raved about the release of the new album. Next thing we knew the world was going into a Foals frenzy. And all we could hear in our heads was fecking Cassius!

POINT 3: This was all very confusing, until one of our team came rushing in shouting and screaming about an awesome song they heard on their car radio, but they couldn’t catch the name. All they new were a few lyrics. So we googled the words ‘Staaaaaaay With Me’. We suggest you do the same.

POINT 4: Once we got the track up on our interwebs, we heard to hear a soft, non-shouty, violin swinging, beaty, and beautiful piece of music. Check it out below:

POINT 5: Their first release from the album has already hit the charts hard. And we guarantee that it will be picked up by Apple/Nike/some other super-rich promoter and will be bouncing in everyone’s ears for months to come. Be the one to say ‘I heard that ages ago’. Check it out below:

So, have we convinced you? Leave your arguments for and against ‘Foals: Holy Fire’ below!

Tell us if you like it!