Your latest album: ‘Trouble Will Find Me’ by The National

The National’s latest turbulence ‘Trouble Will Find Me’ is now available to buy on iTunes. With 5 star reviews from top music writers, you are guaranteed more of the awesome sound The National have always brought to the table. The mood remains pensive, as does their sound. Take a listen on iTunes before you download – To access the stream, CLICK THIS LINK, hit the “View in iTunes” button, click the “Listen Now” button, and you’ll be brought to the preview page.

The National – Sea Of Love


leafy greens 2 hours ago
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halobeatscod 2 hours ago
This is better live
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FragmentsThe 4 hours ago
I’ve watched this video so many times and I’ve come to appreciate it’s simplicity. It’s full of raw emotion and it’s ugly and plain and beautiful all at the same time. It doesn’t have to be expensive to be art.
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musicisum0405 6 hours ago
Is that Aaron or Bryce stuck up there by himself? I can never tell.
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wardy0604 6 hours ago
Great song for Ian Curtis style dancing.
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DaFlaminWalrus42 6 hours ago
him and scott got rated the 8th best new rhythm section in paste magazine, pretty cool.
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Ghelthon 9 hours ago
Not counting the instruments, I guess.
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BulletSickness 10 hours ago
Why are the guitars plugged into the air conditioner?
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Brian Cameron 11 hours ago
Bryan Devendorf is such an underrated drummer. Simply awesome.
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Alejandro R. 13 hours ago
That would be epic
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Hysterically Challenged 18 hours ago
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leisurelydinner 1 day ago
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TheOneWhoKnocks119 1 day ago
the cinematographer has the easiest job on this vid
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TheOneWhoKnocks119 1 day ago
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KM Paul 1 day ago
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matthew speck 1 day ago
That fucking kid has no timing whatsoever ! Some get that little bastard a metronome!!
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Karan Surana 1 day ago
I thought the kid was Tyrion Lannister icon biggrin Your latest album: Trouble Will Find Me by The National
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Neill Connolly 1 day ago
He looks like Sir Alex. Perfect really…
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Andrew Tynan 1 day ago
id like to point out, the guitarist closest to the drummer is moving the the fastest as the waves of drums hit him first. matt and the little dude there slightly more relaxed, and the bassist ever slightly more relaxed again. the drummer is the real centre point?
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Uriel Delgado 1 day ago
How the hell they found about Zvuki Mu??
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Léo Moicano 1 day ago
musica phoda! video phoda!
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Jimmy Bailey 1 day ago
Love these guys… keep rockin.
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Andrew Bydlon 1 day ago
the national is the best band in history!
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luke11596 1 day ago
that kid is epic
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Erik Van Lombergen 1 day ago
No he isn’t. He’s just a kid.
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Yyk Yyk 1 day ago

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swemda 1 day ago
Yeah, and you should hear his drumming live! It kicks your ass away.
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swemda 1 day ago
A homage to youtube .com/watch?v=WfKqjHLdetM
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CatCoffe 1 day ago
yeah wiooo
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Webconomist 2 days ago
The video is based on a Soviet era punk band “Zvuki Mu” from the early 80’s…check out PRI’s The World for the radio spot on the background…
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James Burnham 2 days ago
Saw this live.
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Vlad Devildetailz 2 days ago
one of the best Zvuki Mu videos!
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Drew Dargis 2 days ago
I have a fantasy that if John Lennon were to be resurrected from the dead, then he would in fact be in a band like the national. And would in fact also be a sick drummer.
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Jared Casto 2 days ago
You really can’t compare any band to Joy Division considering they’re probably the greatest band of all time. The National are very good, but no band compares to Joy Division. There’s no point in even mentioning the two in the same sentence because they’re so different musically, lyrically, and in time periods that it doesn’t even make sense. That being said, they’re both two of my favorite bands.
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Webconomist 2 days ago
You can hear the Joy Division inspired licks in their music. I think it’s a compliment, how they’ve heard Ian Curtis’ concepts and adapted them. They each have their own sound, yet correlate. Joy Division laid new ground musically, I think The National respects what they did.
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Aälan Zamora 2 days ago
ooww.. this is going to be one of those videos i just NEED to se everyday, saw it yesterday, and the day after, and the day after… i love you guys (the national) thank you very much for this.
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mrjones256 2 days ago
84 people hate the best air guitar ever
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José Noguera 2 days ago
terribly beautiful song. The National rulez
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scottysols 2 days ago
from the best album of 2013.
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