Ten ways to find great music

Everyone has a favourite artist or album. Yes, Brucey can send tingles down your spine every time. But there’s something truly special about hearing a song you love for the first time. Which is why we’re in the music blogging biz.

While it involves a LOT of trawling through shit, the pay off of finding an awesome song or artist you’ll be listening to for years is worth it. Here are a few tricks to help you bypass the crap and get to the good tunes fast.

Local indie radio stations are brilliant for highlighting the up and comers, the rule-changers, the ones setting the next trend in your area. However, finding good music on radio can involve hours of listening to stupid ads and depressing news reports. To get to the good stuff, just checkout the new music section on their website and Youtube each vid. Dublin’s indie treasure trove is Phantom.

Find new music on Phantom now: http://www.phantom.ie/page/190.192.199/-/0/MAIN%20PLAYLIST

Music found on Phantom

Bookings at local music venues usually give an indication of what’s going on in the music industry. Sounds obvious, but the bigger the venue the more popular artist. To find out what’s up and coming though, watch out for bookings in the middle-sized venues. These places require significant investment on lighting, staff and promotion. And they’re the ones backing the up and coming horses.

Music found from watching mid-sized venues

Oh, the humble festival. Oodles of craic, but also a treasure trove for awesome eclectic music. Before you book the biggest, bestest most jammed-out festival, consider investing a few weekends in smaller, hipster-ridden ones. In countries like Ireland, there are only a few bands that rise to the top, which can lead to an AWFUL amount of repetitive bookings of the same bloody bands (We’re looking at you, The Coronas). Things can get a lot more interesting at the teeny tiny festivals. Castlepalooza and Knockanstocken are two Irish examples. Tickets cost a LOT less than the major festivals, and give you a chance to get up close and personal with your country’s best up and comers. You could be the one to say ‘I saw them first in a tiny hut in the middle of a forest’.

Music found at teeny tiny festivals

If you want to be a little ahead of the curve, consider record company mailing lists. They send out daily mail shots of their latest artist bookings, and they can throw up some serious surprises. Most record companies have a standard mailing list sign-up system, so you can keep up to date on the latest news and releases without having to awkwardly introduce yourself.

Music found on record company mailing lists

Recent statistics have shown that 2/3rds of the world’s population now owns a smart device. Which opens YOU up to reach some of the world’s greatest radio stations. Just download the TuneIn Radio app, and find out who’s hot and happening in Alaska.

Music found on international radio stations(This one’s from Sweden)

Many major capital cities have adopted the ‘crawl’, major music events in tiny venues for up and comers. In Dublin, the Meteor Camden Crawl is like a sweet shop for music enthusiasts. We have musicians literally playing in sweet shops, café, on bridges and in the usual venues. Tickets are cheap and cover over 50 venues in the city, so you can crawl to your heart’s content.

Music found at Dublin’s Camden Crawl

Obvious, we know. But essential. Once you open up a dialogue with people about music, you’ll be very surprised what gems lie in the depths of their iPhone playlist.

Music found from friends

If you’re not in the humour for trawling through hundreds of beautifully designed, but difficult to navigate music blogs, find the cream that rose to the top on Hype Machine. It’s a blog aggregator that pulls in the most popular songs posted by all the music blogs on its system. It even has a ‘no remixes’ section, to our delight.

Find new tunes on Hype Machine at hypem.com

Music found on Hype Machine

Call it pretentious, call it hipster, but Pitchfork is a must-read music website. It owns the fucking internet. And we can guarantee the majority of content posted on homemade music blogs is copied and pasted from fork HQ. So why not go to source?

Find pitchfork at http://pitchfork.com/

Music found on Pitchfork(on day of release)

If Pitchfork is king of the internet, Zane Lowe is God. Listen to his show, and learn about all the music you could ever imagine.

Find Zane at http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006wkth

Music found on Zane Lowe(on date of release)

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