Song of the SUMMER 2015: ‘Levo’ by Recondite

Hey ya’ll. So sorry for the length of time since last post – we’ve been up the bleedin’ walls with real life things. BUt that doesn’t matter now because we’re BACK and will be bringing you some more sweet sweet beats in the coming months.

Let’s kick-start it with our tune of the summer – Levo by Recondite. The song featured on the latest Bulmers Ad that featured a tiny tiny turtle. The magic of advertising eh? Take a look at it here:

And now for the sweet stuff – club edit of the original song. Peppy and relaxing all at the same time.

So now we’ve told you where we’ve been what have you guys been up to? Let us know about your tune of the summer in the comments and stick around for more SWEET BEATS! icon smile Song of the SUMMER 2015: Levo by Recondite

serenityb x

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