Passion Pit Playlist: Gossamer

Listen to the latest Passion Pit album: Gossamer below

Passion Pit just released this ghostly tune from their latest album Gossamer. We love Passion Pit for their magical, upbeat tunes. With a sprinkle of sparkle, and a hefty drumbeat – nothing can lower this band’s mood. Check out our Passion Pit Playlist below, and feel all of the love!

Passion Pit Latest Video ‘Cry Like A Ghost’

Passion Pit: Gossamer Full Album Playlist


EpicVideos Yolo 2 hours ago
Just the beat is amazing and the voice and the choreography is amazing
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digitalflame07032007 4 hours ago
haha that is cool this song pumps me out Hey use this to get this in mp3 >>>
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Sarah Elizabeth 6 hours ago
I love Passion Pit! They make beautiful lyrics, music and videos to show something so sad. It makes you see the beauty in sad things. =)
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MrSpiderminkey 17 hours ago
It’s Tallie Medel, who is also the actress in the video.
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TheEvilJoel 20 hours ago
I hope Sylvia is doing ok and maybe went to rehab and got fixed
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bigboyjet 1 day ago
3:57 so did she took the magic powder and got Carried Away?
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CRACKA JACK 1 day ago
So this confirms that the skip at 1:48 was intentional. I was wondering if my CD was messed up. Not that it sounds bad, I love this song so much. Currently my favorite song by passion pit. Possibly favorite song. There’s a lot of good tunes out right now.
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Toad Stool 2 days ago
There is no love to be found in the abyss. Just a new sensation of darkness.
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ryotaro kodama 2 days ago
nice song
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KnightNighter 2 days ago
No one else could pull of a video like that except passion pit…damn!
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gerritsenwillem 2 days ago
absolutely brilliant
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Dolly Best 2 days ago
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Louis So 2 days ago
The choreography in this is sick :O Who is the choreographer? She or he is amazing!!!!
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Michelle Almendras Rivera 2 days ago
OMG this :((
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Josh Chen 2 days ago
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ProPerfection 2 days ago
that’s a wicked forest
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nbeyalh 3 days ago
Very cool!!! and totally different
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winnypoo907 3 days ago
i went to high school with her
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Rafael Mendoza Grmaldo 3 days ago
this is art
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Ary Upadhana 3 days ago
Please come to Bali
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bells495 3 days ago
this is amazing!!
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MrGiraffehunter 3 days ago
So is she like a slut or what?
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dhimannitdgp 3 days ago
aren’t we all??
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LtebTruguer 3 days ago
El vídeo y la canción están geniales, es una verdadera pena no poder verlos en vivo en el Festival Estereo Picnic :/
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HALRU2 3 days ago
Now I need 2 B institutionalized
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ferydvlz 3 days ago
esta muy padre el vídeo
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booziesuzie 3 days ago
This is the best music video that I have seen in years. Great video and song!
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alinipink 4 days ago
first video from passion pit i didn’t like it ;~~ very weird
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Nishan Thapa 4 days ago
This is just awesome icon smile Passion Pit Playlist: Gossamer
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Justmehunterc 4 days ago
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Nacho Riquelme 4 days ago
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Lexan Ander 4 days ago
Increíble video, excelente coreografía y una buenísima canción, como siempre un buen trabajo PassionPit I Lov U
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Sarah Elizabeth 4 days ago
awesome vid… I can relate to Sylvia…
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jairN5tuff 4 days ago
cause she is a bitch?
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Lianne DFTBA 4 days ago
wow the video was incredible
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GeekinStudio 4 days ago
One the best work I saw recently. Congratulations
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dan nolasco 4 days ago
Very cool music video!!! Ahhhh! Passion Pit.
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Danny Galicia 4 days ago
this song should be used for The Hunger Games “Catching Fire”
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1brandtg 4 days ago
Brilliant PP!
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mirolloeselindie 4 days ago
Un abrazo/One hug from Mi rollo es el Indie ;)) #AlwaysAHug
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Pete lawrence 4 days ago
Boom, Another mind blown by the production quality of the gossamer tracks video production quality.
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Corina Perez 4 days ago
its so beautiful.. i…im crying …
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rawprincesitha 4 days ago
I love3
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TheWhiterambo 4 days ago
i just noticed the beginning is radiohead! HOLY FUCK NO WONDER WHY I LOVE PASSION PIT SO DAMN MUCH
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VeraMeat 4 days ago
Who directed this & did cinematography?
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christineyuan 4 days ago
DANIELS directed it
Larkin Seiple shot it
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heymelaniesings 4 days ago
Love you guys
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sarahrocksyoursockss 4 days ago
This is fucking amazing, I love Passion Pit so much<3 Reply ·

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