Love Irish Sessions – ‘Jailouse Sun’ by The Eskies

The Eskies formed not so much as a band but as a gentleman’s club come minor social movement in Germany in late 2006. Known then as Die Bierin Coolers, they passed the long days in the feverish German summer heat herding tourists on and off coaches and each night would retire to their private quarters for often intense rounds of children’s game “Candyland” (see below link).

After several successful and happy hours they decided to further their career by relocating to the neon soaked boulevards of Rathcoole County Dublin, there they began to play local public houses such as the Rathcoole Inn and The Poitin Still and quickly picked up regular gigs around Dublin’s City centre.

This little session is just so damn good. Check ‘Em Out!

Find out more about the lads at

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