Foals: Sex, Drugs and … Suicide? Watch New Video Now!

We recently highlighted Foals’ awesome new album Holy Fire. The album hits some seriously mystic chords throughout, and approaches life situations with the varying ease of a poet. in other words, life is Foals’ inspiration.

The new video for ‘Late Night’ follows this theme to the note; cramming in the most climactic moments that life can offer. With sex, suicide, alcoholism and childbirth all swung into the mix, the video’s dramatic elements seriously contrast with the calm, beaty rhythm of the song itself.

foals late night Foals: Sex, Drugs and ... Suicide? Watch New Video Now!

We LOVE this video. We recommend listening to just the track itself before watching. In an unfortunate move by Foals, they seem to have ignored the fact that they have a huge fanbase under the age of 18 – which has led to an online tirade by younger fans. Check out what the lads have to say about the making of the video, courtesy of—foals-late-night-nsfw/2220292473001

Want to see the video? Check it here:


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Santiago Pinilla 15 hours ago
I actually see more than just 3 parts of life… I think there’s a messenger (Yannis), two creators (the couple), the created (the kid who was born), the destroyer (the guy who’s drinking at the bar) and the affected (the one who hangs himself)… yeah, just saying.
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Luke Johnston 10 hours ago
Sounds of pleasure, pain, life and death.

Alex Ewing 3 hours ago
Foals are incredible. Beautiful music. But this video was almost laughable. They are trying way too hard. Any foals fans under the age of 16? Absolutely loads… They’ve let people down. And that’s coming from a massive Foals fan!
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FractalZero 31 minutes ago
Why would you let a demographic – especially those who have trouble appreciating artforms which exist outside of the Top 40 – direct your progression and maturation? Foals make music first and foremost for themselves. The video reflects the song, and the gravity of this music has been a long time coming. Under-16s are exposed to far worse every day – voluntarily in some cases. And there is a message here, unlike most.
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