ASIWYFA – All Hail Bright Futures Album Preview Stream


Our favourite Belfast rockers ‘And So I Watch You From Afar’ are gearing up to release their next album ‘All Hail Bright Futures’. With a brand new band member, and the introduction of ACTUAL VOCALS, this is promising to one of the albums of the year. Check out a few tracks we picked from the new album…

ASIWYFA ‘All Hail Bright Futures’ Playlist

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First time I hear a stars work before 1000 views

Miguel Valverde 
they sing????O.o

Fatal Enigma
Saw them live with 9 or so other people in a secret gig in Belfast last year, words cannot describe how awesome that was. :). If you search for the fan made videos you’ll see the gig.


Mark Linehan
Unreal band. Not only hugely talented but fucking really sound people. Found this interview with Tony (Guitarist) on his solo project VerseChorusVerse. He was at the Future Bright showcase for new Irish music. He’s a funny man: watch?v=99xOx_VyHFY

Tom Pinder 
These fellas have truly been blessed with creativity. Long live irish bands.

BEST fucking band ive ever seen live ive never felt so into a band live the mosh pit was amazing and i caught tony when he was croud surfing icon biggrin ASIWYFA   All Hail Bright Futures Album Preview Stream

derek goulding
Horrible tune. Its stinks of hipster/indie

Derek goulding
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Adrian Ocaña
cool story bro!
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These lads are epic. I’m going to get one of their albums soon ^^

Wander Andringa 
If you guys like this, you should also check out the Japanese Post Rock band “TOE”, I personnaly think they are ASIWYFA’s long related influence.

I FUCKING LOVE IT, shivers down my spine and almost euphoria at 2:50, i mean the whole song is awsome but when that second bass line hits and its already blowing you away, wow, this song will never leave me, its what i live for in music, a sound that makes you feel like that.

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