Irish Bands at Glastonbury 2013

Our opinion of the Irish contingent at Glastonbury 2013

2013 has been an especially strong year for our little bands making the big swim to main stages around the world. With features in Coachella, SWSX, and other tours across Europe, the island of poets and musicians has once again proved to the world that we are the poet laureates of d’tunes.

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So with the announcement of the Glastonbury 2013 line-up this week, we couldn’t wait to see which of our Irish troopers would be fighting for us. And the sad truth is that the turn-out will be weak for us paddies. Stellar Irish bands, just not enough of them. What the hell, Glasto?

Anyway, onwards and upwards. Check out our run-down of top Irish bands playing Glastonbury in 2013…

The Strypes
These lads are all under the age of eighteen and are BLOWING UP across the world. Hailing from Cavan, the four piece rhythm and blues band have to have signed a 7 year international record deal. Get acquainted with The Strypes in the below playlist.


Two Door Cinema Club
Over the past three years, TDCC have done what every Irish band have ever dreamed of. With millions of views on YouTube, record contracts flying out their arses in the UK, and a ferociously dedicated fan base, the nerd-chic Irish hipsters have produced some seriously on-trend music – and the record sales to prove it. Check out our TDCC playlist below.


Glen Hansard
Famous for his super-soppy put-your-head-in-a-pillow and sob-songs, Glen does what he needs to do. And by golly does he do it. Check out his biggest tune here:


…And of course Sinead O’Connor will be making an appearance to make everyone cry too…


What do you think? Is the Irish turn-out at Glasto as sad as a Sinead O’Connor/Glen Hansard duet, singing about a pile of dying Bambi’s moms? Let us know in the comments…

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